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Fiction novels for anyone 15 and over. Dr. Mary has written a historical romance/mystery and a series that follows seven retired women.


This humorous novel on creative ageing shares the heartwarming, zany adventures of seven women on a quest to discover the joys of retirement. This tale full of laughter and tears will capture your heart as the women learn the true meaning of friendship.
Retail Price $12.95
ISBN: 978-1-58348-051-9
Library of Congress number: TX6-367-797

NEW!! Geezettes Book Two: Golden Girls on the Pairie

The Geezettes are at it again. Melva, upon her return to the small North Dakota community she lives in, finds her life-long friend Rena upset about the conditions in the community, and life-long friend Madge is facing personal health problems. The three friends shake up the sleepy town of Stuporville when Rena decides to run for mayor, and all community and personal problems are attacked--head-on-- by the Golden Girls on the Prairie. Geezettes Book Two takes you to the heart of friendship and proves once again that there is no better place to live and grow old than small-town America.
Retail Price $13.95
ISBN: 978-1-4502-9538-3
Hardcover Price: $23.95
ISBN: 978-1-4502-9540-6


Is a humorous story about a girl's coming of age during the 1950's. Her thoughts, dreams, and feelings conflict with her family traditions, religious philosophy, need for independence, and desire to understand the family secret. This warm, funny, and sometimes sad book brings out the best and worst in human nature as discovered by a young farm girl who struggles to understand her own evolution into womanhood during a turbulent time in the history of women's liberation. This 'chick lit' romance will not only appeal to young female readers, but also older women, who were young in the 1950's, as they reminisce about their own youth and emotional struggles.
Retail Price $12.00
ISBN: 978-09765453-2-2
Library of Congress number: TX 6-127-750

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