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First Day of School:

“Young students will love to learn about citizenship because of the unique way the information is presented. The story and drawings draw the reader in so fully. All-encompassing for students and teachers alike with the additional activities, vocabulary list, lesson plan, objectives, and guidelines at the end of the book, anyone who reads this book will look forward to reading more ‘Grandma Mary’ books!” Kristi Frahm—high school English teacher and mother, New Rockford, ND

“I read your book and it’s wonderful. Keep up the great work.” Helen Roth—mother and grandmother, Kintyre, ND

“What a darling book and the message is great! I can hardly wait to share it (over and over) with my three young grandchildren ages 4 thru 8. They will have eyes and ears wide open to ‘soak’ it up, I’m sure. No doubt, I’ll know it by heart before long.,” Margorie Anderson—mother and grandmother, New Rockford, ND

“Your book is wonderful. I gave it to a second grade teacher and her comment was; ‘Now I have something to read to my students when we study this unit.’ She was thrilled!” Mary Torgerson—business woman and mother, Philomath, OR


“Young people will learn about life’s lessons in a unique way when they read the growing number of books in the ‘Grandma Mary’ series.  With engaging text and detailed drawings that depict a loving relationship between a grandmother and her darling poodle, students will be captivated from the very first page of each book. Parents and teachers alike will also enjoy reading the books to their youthful listeners.” Kristi Frahm—high school English teacher and mother, New Rockford, ND

Bonbon’s Special Christmas:

“Children and adults will find ‘Bonbon’s Special Christmas’ informative and entertaining. Once again Bonbon comes alive, asking all the ‘why’ questions as a curious member of Grandma’s family. Dr. Mary stimulates the imagination and gives answers by using her teaching skills and practical applications. Readers gain insight. Dr. Mary’s third children’s book is energizing and fun, totally enjoyable. Well done!” Linda Gale Vettel—author  of ‘Ageless Tear’ and publisher of Action novels 4U, Bismarck, ND

“What a lovely book, great story and illustrations are wonderful!” Hulda Schmidt, Wolf Point, MT

“A very unique way of explaining Christmas. The details added so much interest.” Judy Thompson, Williston, ND


“I want to tell you how wonderful it (What Happened to the Deer) was . . . This book is a good example for our grandkids to hear that other grandparents have rules, too!” Gale Lamp—adult, Edgeley, ND.

“I was intrigued by the wholesome aspect of the story line. We need more stories like this for our suburban kids!” Suzy Cockran—adult,  Altamonte Springs, FL

“Is book two done? Your stories are so wonderful; they keep us asking for more! That’s good—right?” Ruth Graf—adult,  Bismarck, ND

“I am well into the first book and just “love” it. I can almost see the kids and grandparents. I read slowly as to not miss any details and I build the scenes in my mind to feel almost with them. Sherry Kieth—adult, Inkster, ND

“My daughter says she hates to read. However, she found your books in the library and really likes them. The only problem is, she is on the second one, so she’ll be done soon. Write more!” Tracy Anderson—adult, Page, ND

“I purchased 2 of your books at the Pride of Dakota show in Fargo last November: What Happened to the Deer”? and “Who Jinxed the C&G Ranch?” My grandson, Alex, loved them. He has a request for you. He would like more books to follow these 2 in sequence. You are a great writer.” Grnadma Carol, Mohall, ND


HUMBLE AND HOMEMADE: Survival in Tough Times: (Cooking, gardening, & short stories)

“Received your fantastic and useful book, Humble and Homemade. . . I have enjoyed reading a lot of your books. I gave some to friends to read and they enjoyed them, too. Sharyn Berg, Cathay, ND

COMMON SENSE CAREGIVING: (Self-help book for elder caregiving)

“I’ve started reading your caregiving book. I know already it is a book I wish I could have read when my husband was going through his different stages of Alzheimer’s. I love your humor and a person needs lots of that when caregiving.” Elaine Winslow—former  nurse and long time caregiver, Boise, ID

“Dr. Mary does a wonderful job of giving people an insight as to the attitudes needed as well as the rewards of being a good care giver. It is a wonderful book to read before contemplating being a care giver. It is also encouraging for people like me who have been a care giver for many years.” Florine Winter—former teacher, mother, grandmother and long time care giver, Great Falls, MT

“You certainly come at the subject from many directions—a thorough job! And I enjoyed your chapter chuckles, also.” Anna Arndt—Fullerton, ND

“Mary, thank you agin for asking me to read your book. . . I especially appreciate what I have gained by reading it. . . the most compelling aspect of the book was the liberal use of quotes from your participants to support your points. These quotes helped make the points real and easier to understand.” Dr W.M. Barkley—faculty member at Vanderbilt U., Nashville, TN

“When I saw a book titled ‘Common Sense Caregiving’ I knew I had to read it.” Carol Bursack—column writer (Minding Our Elders, May 22, 2005) for the Forum, Fargo, ND



“Your book is fabulous. It will open a lot of discussion for my granddaughter and me.” Sharon Woinarowiez—grandmother, Page, ND

“Otis made me think back to college and working in the kitchen with you. We did have some fun!” LaVerne Bladaw—teacher and college friend, Huntsville, AK

“Wow, I mean Wow! That book was very, very good. I couldn’t put the book down. . . I read it till 2:00 a.m. the day I got it.” Kim Pajala—teenager, Wahpeton, ND

“I gobbled the book up the first day I had it, enjoyed every morsel. It was very eminiscent of my own life.” Carolyn Alexander—1950’s girl, Mohall, ND

“People our age (in their 60’s) can readily identify with much of what Dr. Erickson says about the fifties.” Sandie Nicolai—Mission leader at Carrington Health Center, New Rockford, ND

“I did enjoy reading Otis. There were laughs, and tears, and fun. I should have read it when I was in high school. Thanks.” Peter Anderson—farmer, father, grandfather, Manfred, ND

“I absolutely fell in love with your book, ‘Otis.’ I couldn’t put it down. It was as though you were writing about my life as I grew up in the ‘50s’. Now I’m ready for the 2nd one, and know it will be just as good. I like your style.” Nita McKelvery, Warwick, ND


“Overall the author does a great job of drawing the reader into the comical and emotional plot of the work.” Editorial review board at iUniverse Publishing, Lincoln, NE

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your book about the Geezettes. It really hit home for me because my husband and I are getting close to retirement and do not want to fall into a rut of old people doing nothing! You really get old fast doing that! This will be a head us for us. Thank you very much.” Mona Olson, Newfolden, MN

“Original plot . . . unique . . .  quite humorous . . . a story line that kept me interested.” Pam Carlson, Chuluota, FL

“I received your marvelous book as a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter-in-law in ND. It is fantastic!! Now my other daughter-in-law, in Denver, has read it and my eighteen year old granddaughter will be reading it.” Angie Niemi, Rugby, ND

“My sister and I are “Geezettes.” We are also snowbirds who travel south to Tucson for half a year. I bought a signed copy of your book and read it on the airplane. It was so good I bought one for my sister, who lives in Utah, when she’s not in Tucson. Books like yours tell it like it is with warmth and humor—and always with love.” Sandra Mason, Grand Forks, ND

“I am almost done with “Geezettes” and loving it. I’ll share it with other staff.” Jo Greff, librarian, St. Joseph School, Mandan, ND

“Enjoyed the book very much. Keep up the good work.” Lois Bornemann, New Salem, ND

“Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your book, Geezettes. It is so different than anything I’ve read, so many thoughts to think about. Thank you!” Kay Kuske, New England, ND

“I like your writing. It makes me laugh and I relate to it. Thanks.” Carolyn Alexander, Mohall, ND

*The publisher has granted Geezettes the ‘Editor’s Choice Award,’ and the ‘People’s Choice Award,’ and made it a ‘Star program’ book. The Geezette book also won an IP(Independent Publishers) bronze award in 2008 in the Jenkins Group international competition.

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