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      Dr. Mary has two non-fiction books. Common Sense Caregiving and Humble & Homemade: Survival in Tough Times.

Common Sense Caregiving

This book looks at the positive aspects of caregiving and tries to motivate caregivers to think through the caregiving process in a positive way. The book was a result of five years of research that involved in-depth interviews with fifteen North Dakota couples who had done extensive caregiving for many years. This book will help you gain new insight into elder caregiving, so you will reap the rewards of satisfaction, esteem, and peace of mind by knowing you've done the best job you could possibly do. A must read for future caregivers.
Retail Price: $8.00
ISBN: 978-09765453-1-4
Library of Congress number: TX 6-096-478
Humble & Homemade: Survival in Tough Times

This book is a motivational/self-help book that stresses the attitudes and skills needed to survive and prosper in tough economic times. Funny stories with lessons learned, cooking tips and recipes, and how to grow and preserve your own veggies and fruits make up this unique book.
Retail Price: $14.95.
ISBN: 978-0-9765453-6-1
Library of Congress number: TX 6-863-206

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